In the ancient times the roles of women in society was about related to house tasks. However, this scenario has been changing since the creation of programs that encourage women to learn coding, engineering and technology. Some of the most prestigious  programs that teach girls and women to code are, Ada Developers Academy, Hackbright Academy, CodeFirst: Girls, ladies learning code, Moms can: Code, Pyladies, Women Whocode, black girls code, among others. They have changing girls and women’s lives and giving them a powerful tool to enhance humanity.


Coding is a new language that has been a necessary tool in these modern society. Regard its importance, some governments has been teaching program languages and robotics in schools as part of their school grade. Learn how to code is important to communicate with machines. Since the evolution of technology, it has raised the creation of humanoids robots and machines that is part of our daily lives. Robots and intelligent systems are embedded nowadays on our phone, computers, healthcare system, in our car, watches, and in a few years will be spread all over the world. So, in order to be able to communicate with machines and artificial intelligent robots, coding will be a normal language just like the others common on society, such as english and spanish.           


In this regard, some scientist women is playing an important role on the development of robotics, artificial intelligence, neuroengineering and technology as a general. Some of this personalities are Fei Fei Li, Cynthia Breazeal, Helen Greiner, and many others that have helped technology to enhance. 


Fei Fei Li is the chief scientist of Artificial intelligence and  Machine learning at google cloud. Also It is researcher in deep learning and cognitive neuroscience. Li has been involved on the purpose  of the democratization of AI, as well as, is the cofounder of an institution, which is called AI4ALL, that help black people and women to create artificial intelligence.

Cynthia Breazeal is the chief scientist at JIBO, which is a personal robotics company that aims to help people on daily lives. Cynthia main goal is to create AI robots to work together with humans, even though some researchers go against her believes, and think that AI will replace humans in a near future.

Another pioneer woman on the development of robotics is Helen Greiner. She is the co-founder at iROBOT and the founder of CyPhy Works. The Cyphy Works is developing drones to help in many purpose.

Women roles in society has been changing thankful to those women who are willing to fight for all of us in order to give us voice and allow girls and others women worldwide to start making difference on the world by the development of new technologies. In a predominantly sexist and male-dominated area, women are showing that gender have nothing related to intelligence and technlogy.


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