Image 1: June Almeida


The coronavirus became known worldwide since it hit countries in a devastating way never expected by the modern society. The new coronavirus or also known as Covid 19 have crashed the world economy, have killed more than three hundred thousand people worldwide, have caused mass unemployment, have led to the increase of domestic violence and chaos all around the world. While all of the nations were afraid of a potential third world war because of threats between North Korea and United States and their nuclear weapons race. A silent, invisible and dangerous virus have crashed the world and ruthlessly made the world to stop and collaborate to defeat a common enemy.


The coronavirus is a family of virus already known by the scientific community and it is the responsible for causing respiratory syndrome, just like the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). Those vírus hit China and Saudi Arabia in 2002 and 2012, respectively, causing the death of people. However, different of Covid 19, which is from the same family but is more pathogenic, the SARS and MERS was controlled and did not turned into a pandemic. 


Behind of the investigation of the discovery of coronavirus, creation of vaccines and in the front line to defeat this dangerous patogen there is an important presence of female leaders who are willing to face this battle. Among them there are scientists, nurses, physicians working together to give the world a second chance to make it better. However, what most people don't know is that the first person that have discovered the coronavirus family was a scientist and a  woman.


Her name was June Almeida, once born a girl on a poor family became a reward virologist. June was responsible to create a technique that photographing virus and in 1960 have discovered the Coronavirus family, which received this name because of a crown on its structure. June was also responsible for the first visualization of the rubella and HIV, as well as, the one who developed the technique of attach antibodies on virus to enhance its virtualization.

Image 2: First Image of coronavirus by June Almeida


Unfortunately, yet in 2020 only a few women are recognized for their contribution in science. Hopefully, the revival of society after Covid 19 can break paradigms and create a more just and egalitarian society.





[1] Denise Gellene. Overlooked No More: June Almeida, Scientist Who Identified the First Coronavirus.

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