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Hemodynamic activity in infants during sleep using fNIRS

Blanco, B., Molnar, M., Carreiras, M., & Caballero-Gaudes, C. (2022). Open access dataset of task-free hemodynamic activity in 4-month-old infants during sleep using fNIRS. Scientific Data, 9(1), 1-5.


Fibromyalgia a fNIRS Study

Gentile, E., Brunetti, A., Ricci, K., Bevilacqua, V., Craighero, L., & de Tommaso, M. (2022). Movement observation activates motor cortex in fibromyalgia patients: a fNIRS study. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 1-14.

Real-World fNIRS Brain Activity Yoga
Dybvik, H., & Steinert, M. (2021). Real-World fNIRS Brain Activity Measurements during Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Brain Sciences, 11(6), 742.



Lee, G., Lee, J., Kim, J., Kim, H., Chang, W. H., & Kim, Y. H. (2022). Whole Brain Hemodynamic Response Based on Synchrony Analysis of Brain Signals for Effective Application of HD-tDCS in Stroke Patients: An fNIRS Study. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12(3), 432.


NIRS fNIRS schizophrenia a pilot study

Ćurčić-Blake, B., Kos, C., & Aleman, A. (2022). Causal connectivity from right DLPFC to IPL in schizophrenia patients: a pilot study. Schizophrenia, 8(1), 1-9.


NIRS fNIRS fMRI validation during motor execution and motor imagery

Klein, F., Debener, S., Witt, K., & Kranczioch, C. (2022). fMRI-based validation of continuous-wave fNIRS of supplementary motor area activation during motor execution and motor imagery. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 1-20.


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