Neuroscience is an area of science in which is related to comprehend the anatomical and physiological phenomena that involve the brain and the whole nervous system.The human brain comprises one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. However, through neuroscience and its related field, such as computational neuroscience, artificial intelligence and neuroengineering, has been helping to uncover the mysteries of this massive electrical neural  network. 


The usage of programming language and computers on neuroscience research have revolutionized the findings about the human brain and have enhanced neuroscientific researchers. Programing languages is the language similar to english used by humans in order to command a computer or machines to do tasks. It is build of a package of algorithm in which have in detail all of the steps that the computer should follow it.


The first algorithm was written by a woman named as Ada king lovelace. Miss Lovelace was the first programmer in history, she worked on the differential machine of Babbage, which was one of the greatest name beside Alan Turing on the growth of Computer science field. Since then, Programming Language has been used on several fields of interest such as science, robotics, statistics, web sites, games, automatic driven cars, spaceship, airplanes, as well as in neuroscience.

Fields like artificial intelligence (AI), computational neuroscience and neuroengineering have a massive engineering and coding built on their background. Artificial intelligence is part of computer science field and it is responsible to develop studies in order to create machines as intelligent as humans. Therefore, they have been working on creating complex algorithms to develop artificial neurons, which are able to learn with patterns and to make decisions, just like humans in nature does. 


Besides AI, computational neuroscience and neuroengineering are areas of science that uses many programming language and algorithms to comprehend the human brain. Computational neuroscience uses mathematical theories and algorithms in order to understand the neural network and to create artificial one. By doing artificial brain models, the computational neuroscience is able to test drugs and apply models on it.


On the other hand, Neuroengineering is an area in which uses engineering tools in order to develop solutions for brain impairment. The main subfield in neuroengineering is the Brain Machine interface (BMI),in which, it aims to connect the human brain to machines. In order to do it, BMI record the brain waves and then uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to find brain waves patterns and to classify into a command to the machine.


Even with the support of Ada Lovelace to open the door for women in programing and coding. Still have a few women on this area of research. It still remain necessary to have programs that can encourage women and girls to join engineering, coding and to use this knowledge in order to uncover the mysteries of the human brain. 


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